Gay wedding at the Historic Morrison-Clark Inn and Longview Gallery in Washington D.C.
When you have a day long torrential downpour on the day before a wedding you tend to get a little worried about what will come tomorrow. Thankfully, around here we get gorgeous unseasonably comfortable June weather. It sure felt like Ilana and Paul dodged a bullet with what could have been.

And while we didn’t get everything we wanted ([email protected]%^ other wedding on the Spanish Steps)…

we did get a great wedding.

Toolbox is a great little space for the small wedding, especially if everybody is local and doesn’t need parking. The walls are covered with artwork, glass is everywhere, and the walls are a nice warm brick. Loved it. Can’t wait to work there again. Enjoy these few pics in this post, to view more please click on the following link: Ilana and Paul’s Wedding

To view all of the photos please follow this link Ilana and Paul’s Wedding Gallery and enter Ilana’s maiden name (no capital letters) as the password.

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