I could stand on the balcony overlooking Rehoboth Bay all day, and all night if a storm is a brewin’.

Most storms come from the west and watching them come in is always a pleasure. When the storms come from the east, or the Atlantic Ocean, they tend to last, and last, and last. This week my family and I took a little vacation, and the rain joined us as it seems to always do on our longer vacations. The rain and wind may have kept us inside longer than we would have liked (though I am sure my son enjoyed the extra movies he doesn’t normally get).

Watching the water rise and fill the wetland always amazes me. It is incredible that the land goes from dry, at times, to flooded and manages to survive such extremes. How do the animals incapable of flight deal with their homes being flooded? From my perspective the birds seemed not only unbothered but happy with the storm. It probably helped their fishing.


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