Frum Orthodox Jewish Martin's West Tifereth Yisroel Wedding Baltimore Maryland kallah bride portrait
The new year is starting out great with Avital and Koby’s wedding at the Valley Mansion in Hunt Valley, MD. Both families were such fun to be around that the day just flew.

The tish was filled with tender touches. What felt like thousands of people approached Avital during the kabbalat panim with a bedeken to follow that again, felt like a giant hug. And if I thought that those events were cozy and intimate, if such a thing is possible with so many people, than I was in for a shock during the chuppah.

Everything started off normal but towards the end the rabbi invited Avital, Koby, and everybody else to the middle of the room. His tallis was lifted overhead to create a makeshift chuppah and the remainder of the chuppah was done amidst everybody. I’ve never seen anything like it. The energy and emotion were overwhelming. I will not soon forget their wedding.

Please enjoy these few photos. To view more please click on this link: Avital and Koby’s Wedding

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