Talya and Rafi's modern orthodox Jewish wedding at Beth Sholom in Potomac, MD

What fun Talya and Rafi’s wedding was. Financial advisors, military analysts- not to mention Majors in the Army- are not the normal recipe for non-stop ridiculously fun weddings. At least, so goes the stereotypes. Talya and Rafi are not typical- stereo or otherwise.

Talya wants a tish? Some might wonder about that but not Talya. Two tish (tishes? tishot? tishim? perhaps tishen?) it is. A standing bedecken? We can swing that. I love how their wedding, or perhaps commitment ceremony is more apt, was so equal. The exchange of items of value: a machzor under the chuppah prior to the public chuppah ceremony was something I had never seen. Such attention to detail is telling about how Talya and Rafi relate to each other and the world.

It is always great seeing couples whose weddings I have photographed. In Talya and Rafi’s case I had photographed Talya’s brother’s wedding Yoni and Ron, her friend’s Rachel and Nikki, and Bryce and Matt- who were my second modern orthodox wedding lo these many years.

All great people. Enjoy these few images.

To view their entire wedding gallery please go here: Talya and Rafi’s Wedding

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