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I have known Mori, and her family for longer than I am able to remember. They are like family. I have had the pleasure of photographing her three sibling’s weddings. To photograph their last child’s wedding was such an honor.

Rabbi Goldberger, of Tiferes Yisroel, I have known through his shul and have always known him to be a warm and amazing man. I did not know his family so I was thrilled to be a part of his son Mordy’s wedding.

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Everything I love about photographing frum weddings was in their wedding in spades. It was filled with humor, deep felt emotion, and powerful ruach, or spirit. While I am sad there will not be any more Gerstenfeld weddings for a long time I am over the moon for both families. I have posted a few photos to this post. To view more photos of the mitzvah tantz click here for my last post: Mori and Mordy’s Mitzvah Tantz. To view a larger gallery of images from the entire wedding click here: Mori and Mordy

Check back in a few days for a link to the entire wedding. Here is the link to view all of the images: Mori and Mordy’s Wedding

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