Amazing, wonderful, unbelievable are all adjectives that I tend to use too frequently when writing about a wedding I have just photographed. And honestly, I have worked with such wonderful couples how could I use any other language? But the more modern orthodox weddings I photograph the more I have to turn to a thesaurus because they are beyond description. I only hope that my photographs do them justice.

The chosson and kallah’s friends and family had so much spirit it carried me through the day. Having photographed a wedding in Baltimore the day before I needed all of the help I could get.

The portraits went easily, believe it or not, and Aminadav’s grandfather at the tish was simply beautiful. What can I say, I am a photographer and I will let my photos speak for me.

Mazal Tov on such a beautiful simcha!!

Enjoy these few photos. To view a larger gallery of images please click here: Rachel and Aminadav’s Wedding Gallery

The photos are finished. Please click on the link and enter Rachel’s maiden name when prompted to view the gallery: Rachel and Aminadav’s Wedding Photos

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