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Toddlers are something special.

As a father with a three year old right now I have great appreciation of their behavior. I knew that no matter what anybody else says it is the four year old, in the case of the Spector family, that will run the show. If a trick exists to toddler photography it is to let them think they have control and choice. To work super fast and to make the rest of the family hustle after them.

Because they move at the speed of their attention span. Unfortunately, sometimes that speed leads to spills and the tears that follow. And when those tears flow no place on earth is better than mommy’s shoulder.

Meridian Park in Washington D.C. is a great spot for portraits. It has beautiful architecture, fountains, stairs, trees, plazas, and is easily accessible. The masonry of the plaza and stairways seems to have been color matched with the fall colors this year adding to the beauty.

Washington D.C. has great parks- large and small- and Meridian, also known as Malcolm X Park, must be placed in the top five.


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