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First let me say that I have never encountered dancing like that in all of my years photographing weddings. Some weddings are mosh pit like with people crashing into you left and right. Some weddings are wide open with concentric circles endlessly going round and round. Rachel and Jake’s was like being hugged by five hundred people with a smattering of mosh pit thrown in. I am pretty sure some people’s feet never hit the ground but they kept moving right along with everybody else.

The rest of the wedding was just as intense. Family and friends were everywhere and it seems like Rachel and Jake were never more than one foot away from another embrace.

The beautiful Congregation Ahavath Torah hosted the affair and Rave Caterers really did a fantastic job with the food and decor.

Please enjoy the few photos in this post. To view more, a lot more, follow this link: Rachel and Jake Check back in a few days to view all of the images.

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  • Shari Shapiro

    September 20, 2015


    Amazing!! I am blown away by these magnificent pictures & your beautiful words! As Jacob’s mother, I can appreciate the emotion you captured in each & every picture!

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