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Rivka’s family is like family to me. I have known them for easily fifteen years. In that time I have gotten to watch the kids grow up, and of late photograph their weddings. Rivka’s wedding to Benjamin was the third with the fourth coming up later this year.

What to say but wow! It was such a joy to be able to photograph the bedeken, my favorite part, and the chuppah. Seeing hundreds of people come to celebrate their simcha, to dance them to yichud, is always extraordinary. Their guests really knew how to make them feel like a king and queen.

And those guests, including a surprise guest from Israel – who does that?- never let up. The Zemer Orchestra would hardly allow it. Anyway, you didn’t come here to read my words. To see more photos please check out this gallery: Rivka and Benjamin’s Wedding

Please enjoy this taste of the day.

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