I knew I was in trouble -in a good way- at the beginning of Yoni’s tish when I had already lost count of the number of times his friends started frenetically dancing. I’m not even sure they ever stopped. No offense meant to any of my other weddings but this tish was something special and it portended an energetic and wild party to come. By the end of the night Tali and Yoni’s friends all were inquiring of my well being and as to how often I was run into.

But this is what I love about photographing modern orthodox Jewish weddings, they are so full of unconfined enthusiasm that the emotion simply bursts from the participants. Every emotion is heartfelt and strong. The anticipation in the kallah before the bedeken; the mothers after. The chosson’s wait under the chuppah. Throughout the chuppah the same dancing friends were audibly humming along before singing fully along with the last sheva berachot. The flash mob! What a wedding.

Just amazing.

I hope you enjoy these few photos. To view a gallery of a little over 100 images from the day please follow this link: Tali and Yoni’s Beth Tfiloh Wedding

The photos are done! To view the entire gallery please follow this link and enter Tali’s maiden name when prompted: Tali and Yoni’s Wedding Gallery

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  • Alan Schoonmaker

    June 15, 2015


    Thank you from Erica’s dad

  • Alan Schoonmaker

    June 16, 2015


    Wonderful photo, marvelous wedding.

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