Zach's Beth Am bar mitzvah party at Bolton Street Synagogue in Baltimore, MD

Zach’s mitzvah at Beth Am went perfectly in the morning and despite having to suffer through a few more portraits at Bolton Street Synagogue before his party I would say the evening went even better.

With all of the formal stuff out of the way Zach, his family and friends, were all free to enjoy themselves.

I’ve been photographing mitzvahs and other events for a long time now so it is hard for something to surprise me any more. But Saturday night, one of Zach’s friends demonstrated an uncanny ability to hula hoop that he simply deserves a shout out. Man, they weren’t making it easy on him either with their using him like a ring toss.

Check out the Mitzvah by Michael blog post: Zach’s Bolton Street Party

My previous post had the portrait session from earlier in the week: Zach’s Portraits at Beth Am

UPDATE: The full gallery is live, password is Zach’s last name: Zach’s Bar Mitzvah Photos

Mazal tov again Zach on a fantastic job!

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