Not all bar mitzvahs are the same. They don’t all have parties in social halls, bowling alleys, or country clubs. Some take place in museums. Museums?

Not that kind of museum. We aren’t talking about the National Gallery of Art, more like the National Gallery of Comics. Geppi’s Museum to be exact. David’s party was the perfect expression of who he is that a “standard” mitzvah party would have been unbelievably out of character. The food matched the decor with a hot dog vendor, a pretzel maker, and candy lollipops it really was a middle schooler’s dream night.

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Of course prior to the party you need to have, well, the mitzvah. And no better venue (bias, I am a member and son-in-law of the exec. dir) in Baltimore exists than Beth Am. With its moorish architecture, vaulted ceiling, marble bimah, and seating for a thousand plus people, it is a beautiful location to ascend into Jewish adulthood.

Please enjoy these few photos from the day.

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